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We live in Jakarta and our lives are pretty busy as we are both working. We had an arranged marriage; the old fashioned way. And we didn't know much about each others' tastes. One weekend, I wanted to cook myself so I gave our cook an off. I made biryani from my favourite Parliament Extra Long Basmati Rice. And as always the biryani turned out to be aromatic, authentic and delicious. My husband loved it. It's rightly said, "The key to a man's heart is through his heart."

From that day onwards, I cook Parliament basmati rice for lunch every weekend. And that time is my favourite time now.

I and he are far from perfect, but the perfect basmati rice meals make our dining moments perfect. I can tell that these moments are binding us together, for forever.

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Life always takes us places and we have no other option but to move out of our houses and away from our family. But the major missing about it is home-cooked food.

When I moved out to another city for my job, what I missed the most was my Mom's Rajma Chawal. She cooks chawal from Parliament Classic Ruby rice and that's my favourite food. Whenever I talk to my mom over the phone I tell her is how much I miss her handmade rajma chawal, as I generally eat out now. All I long for is, to go home and eat the rajma chawal my mom makes from Parliament Classic Ruby Rice.

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It was after long that I was meeting my school friends. One of my friends, Zoya had invited us all to her place for lunch. Even though all of us were meeting after very long, all that stayed with us was her handmade Pulao from Parliament Super Solitaire Rice. Our lunch became little more special because of her normal yet exotic Pulao. All of us asked for the recipe but she told us that the secret of her exotic Pulao was not the recipe or ingredients but Parliament Super Solitaire Rice.

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What we stand by then , now , forever

Superior quality and efficiency

A combination of Buhler and Satake, the rice plant has a capacity to deliver 200,000 metric tonnes per basmati rice The entire polishing is done in-house, which makes Parliament Rice distinctive in terms of aroma,best rice from india elongation, taste and texture.

Saftey & hygiene

Parliament Rice is sown in the rich fertile land of Punjab and Uttrakhand.Parliament rice top selling rice in usa The eco-friendly measures followed by a fully integrated processing facility produces variants of Parliament Rice.