Rice & health

The healthy side of rice

Rice is rich in starch, which is just a form of carbohydrates and hence not traditionally considered very healthy or nutritious. However, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the staple form of food for half of the world’s population. The fact that a simple grain is eaten in practically every country is testament to the popularity of rice, despite its unhealthy reputation. 

There is something to be said for the healthiness of rice however. For one, it has virtually no fat content at all. Being over 90?rbohydrates, rice is a fat-less food. It even has a small amount of protein, helping to cover that aspect of the daily nutritional requirement in its own small way. But when it comes to fat, rice has absolutely none. 

Now when it comes to the healthiness of rice, one should not forget that there are two types of rice. One is of course the white rice that we are all very familiar with and must have seen on our dinner plates countless times. The other is a more recent discovery, with the rise of healthiness as the main factor in meal planning, and that is of course, brown rice. 

Brown rice is considered slightly healthier due to the presence of fiber. Fiber, though completely devoid of any nutrition, is an essential part of the daily diet because it helps keep the colon healthy. Many fitness gurus and doctors recommend brown rice for this very reason. But of course, even white rice, in recommended quantities, is fine to include in your meals.